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    D-Backs sign Prado 4 years, 40 Million

    For all the Braves fans that have loved watching Prado play and know the impact he's had on the field and in the club house - is this too much? Would you have rather us kept him for that kind of deal? I remember when the Upton trade went through, people were upset because they valued Prado so much, but others said he wasn't willing to make a reasonable deal.


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    That is a good deal for Prado. Though I read he wanted 12/year. Guess those numbers were wrong. If he is healthy you will have a good ball player. Guess the same goes for Justin expect if he is health he will be a great ball player.

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    This certainly makes it seem like those $12MM per year demands from Prado, leaked by some Braves front office official seem pretty false. It also makes me question whether it was a down right lie, to keep the fans appeased that a fan favorite was walking out the door. I totally bought in with the trade under the premise we were getting 3 years of Justin Upton in exchange for 1 year of Prado... But if Prado was willing to sign for an average of $10 MM annually, then Atlanta sort of duped everyone by claiming Prado outpriced himself for a mid-market team... Interesting nonetheless.
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    ^^ You have to account for the fact that the extension buys out his last arbitration year, which would've been approx $7 mil. So really, the deal is 3 yr/ $33 mil, or $11 mil per FA season. Granted, that's not the $12 mil per season that was speculated, but it is still more than I would want to pay for a corner OF/IF guy with a career slash line of 295/.345/.435.

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    So the $12million per year numbers were a bit off...

    Glad he got paid though, he deserves it

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    ATL has seen the best Prado has to offer. Upton has the chance to be so much more than Prado. Upton is also a proven #3 hitter, which ATL needed. This trade makes sense unless Prado would have signed for like 5 mil/year. Upton and Heyward could make for a really dynamic and young combo. And with Uggla and McCann both possibly off the books by then, ATL may just look to keep that combo together depending on how the next few years go.

    Cpngrats to Prado on the deal. But I bet he falls short of 5 WAR every year at either 3B or 2B with ARI. I'm glad ATL is taking its chances with Justin.

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    Justin Upton is younger with a ceiling that dwarfs Prado's. I love Martin, but this trade was still good.

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    Good for you Prado. Now go beast mode in ARZ and have them fall in love with you like you did with us.

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    Deal pays him 7M this season (Deal buys out Arb) and 11M the three seasons after that. So his 12M want was pretty close.

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    Right about where I and a few others had him valued.

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    He deserves it, glad he got with someone who would pay up what he wanted.

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