Raptors coach Dwane Casey is ‘tired’ of yet another crucial blown call, thinks that refs want his team to ‘go back to Canada".
“I’m tired of this,” Casey said. “I’m tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of the game. I know the league’s going to come down on me for this, but I don’t care. Guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out and at the end of the game we get cracked, apology, go back to Canada.”
Casey said his initial belief a foul should have been called was supported by his review of the video.
“I’ve been in this league 18 years and I’ve never seen as many missed calls at the end of the game to cost us the game,” Casey said. “We have good officials. Too good to miss calls and short-change these young men like that. And it’s not right.”

Definitely frustrating watching them lose like this over and over.