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    Starting SF and a backup C

    Now we have a true pg in Calderon, and with Knight/Stuckey/Kim english capable of playing at the 2 guard . We now have some questions:

    Who is our starting SF? Singler capable enough to be a starting SF in NBA? I always think hes a backup SF in the league. If he starts, who'll be our backup SF?

    Who's our backup C if Drummonds getting more n more playing time together with Monroe? Maxiell may have problem guarding our opposing C since he's 6'6" and legit Cs may have 5-7 inches advantage over him offensively. Is our 7 footer Slava Kravtsov capable enough to be a backup C?

    those two positions may well be our missing pieces:

    pg) Calderon, Will Bynum
    sg) Knight, Stuckey, Kim English, Middleton
    sf) ??, Singler, Jerebko, Maggette
    pf) Monroe, Maxiell, Villanueva
    c) Drummond, ???, Kravtsov

    Note: Middleton Maggette and Kravtsov are always inactive

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    To answer the question is two part. This years solution and the future solution. I think this trade is excellent for a number of reason. Money being one but the other being the switch of Knight to shooting guard. Now, he won't be the next Stuckey who was forced into the PG spot too long before they figured out he was a 2 guard. I think a guy like Calderon at the point is what this team needed. Knight just wasn't cutting it at PG. He's a really good pure shooter who was thinking too much at the point. His turnovers were bad and his defense on a PG was awful. He will, however, make a nice 2 guard. As for who will play SF.....right now it will Singler but watch the draft and FA's for the future solution. Singler is destined to be a BU guy in this league, a good one, but a bench guy teams need. As for back up center, you'll have Max probably this year. Unless they start to give minutes to Kravtsov and see if he can play or not.

    I really didn't think that Joe D would make this move but I like it. It will help this team next year and years after. If Jose works out we can try to sign him.....for a lot less than he makes now but sign him or try to get a TRUE point in the draft. With the money we have now we can all start to speculate what SF we want to go after.

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    Rumor is Ben Wallace might come back so he can be the back up this year and help Drum/Slava. As for SF I hold out hope that we trade Stuckey/CV/someone for a vet SF.

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