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    WWE: Question about something WWE seemingly does a lot?

    Why do a lot of their storylines have to involve the fans? I feel like Cenas feud with Ziggler and Punnks with Rock, 2 big recent feuds, have both dealt with the fans. I feel somewhat like a lot of guys dont have heat between them and it is just over the fans. Even Cesaro and Miz started with Cesaro saying he doesnt like "us" the americans.

    I feel like in TNA (I am a WWE fan more than TNA), A&8s with Bully/Hulk is personal. Jeff Hardy with Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, AA and BR feel like THEY are the best in the world, I could keep going.

    I just feel like it would create better stories if it was a battle was between the actual people and not a fight over the "WWE UNIVERSE"


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    AA vs Jeff Hardy actually did start over the fans. AA hated that the fans cheered for Hardy over him
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    I think it's a few things. The first being that it fits more of their characters. Cena's persona is that of someone who does everything for the fans. Pretty much the same with the Rock. And in Punk's case, that's pretty much the beef he has with the likes of Cena and Rock. Remember how Punk said in his pipe-bomb, "I actually like you a Hell of a lot more than the other guys, I just don't like this idea that you're better than me."

    The heroes in the WWE are all pro-fans, and that's what their character is based around. And the WWE wants to protect those guys.

    Another reason is the fact that it's cheap and easy heat. It's also good to have the fans make a connection with the wrestlers.

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    TNA barely has a crowd to put in a storyline lol

    But The Rock is THE PEOPLES Champ

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    It's just a very easy way to get a feud going and get the fans on the faces side

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    Cheap heat and easy pop. That's pretty much it.

    Screw Jeff Blashill.

    Screw Ken Holland.

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    WWE just recycles the same old crap over and over and over. Most of the little time I spend watching anymore I can't help but think to myself that they don't even try. They just roll out the same generic storylines, just different faces. The Shield? Booooring! Seen it 100 times before. Even Punk/Rock doesn't get me excited.

    The only thing the WWE did that made me pique with interest was the Punk/Cena feud. It felt like the old days -- a mish mash of brilliant writing and perhaps some realism. It left you thinking, wanting more. Did WWE really cut CM Punk's mic off or was it planned? Who could say with certainty when they turned off Raw that night?

    WWE has their money and no competition. No WCW to steal Monday night ratings. They don't have to try anymore. And they apparently have no pride in giving us better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LionsFan..LOL View Post
    Cheap heat and easy pop. That's pretty much it.

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