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View Poll Results: What is Jennings worth to you?

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  • $8M per?

    0 0%
  • $9M per?

    0 0%
  • $10M per?

    1 16.67%
  • $11M per?

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  • $12M per?

    1 16.67%
  • $13M per?

    0 0%
  • $14M per?

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  • $15M per?

    1 16.67%
  • Trade him at the deadline so we get value now without over paying

    0 0%
  • Dont match

    1 16.67%
  • Match all offers were a small market and desperate for a household name

    3 50.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Dec 2007

    Question Is Jennings worth a max contract?

    That's the discussion after the Bucks beat the Pistons. How much you will to pay to keep Jennings? Remember opposing teams can only offer a 4 year deal. Few callers said $8M to $10M range. Some said match no matter what since if we lose Jennings and if Ellis opts out what's left of this team?

    Some callers said Jennings needs a higher shooting percentage and be more consistent. Not a 30 point game tonight then goes back to having a few stinker games of 14 or less points. Bucks are at $40M for capspace if Ellis opts in. If Ellis opts out then we at like $28M in capspace before signings draft picks. Then callers start asking what team left really need a pg? PG are a dime a dozen now.

    Then Sparky goes down the list of teams and looking at who would be in need of Jennings. Starts out with Hornets,Mavs,Suns,Jazz and maybe Bobcats if there not high on Walker. Then one caller said if CP3 walks away from Clippers that be a big market that would be interested. But they have Bledsoe as well unless he's dealt the deadline.

    Then callers start talking how we have bad luck with big contracts like with injuries to Redd and Bogut with big contracts that holds our cap hostage then. Then Sparky goes on a long discussion of fg and 3 pt shooting percentages of Michael Redd. Jennings is shooting like 37% from 3. So he is kinda like a Redd in a pg body.

    Then few callers go back to say trade Ellis for a post player back to the basket like Al Jefferson or Millsap or Gasol. Then a caller suggested the rumor to trade Jennings/fillers for Gortat and Dragic.

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    May 2011
    Yes, for us he is.
    " Failure is only defined by someone's perception of what failing is."-His Airness

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    Mar 2010
    Jennings is still a young kid who had no college ball experience...he's only going to get better with time. We see flashes of brilliance, but growing pains as well. Make him happy and lets start building a perennial competitor that will get players excited to come and play for.

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    Dec 2007
    Well if we match Jennings as a max. Then well we have to be smart with the rest of the contract signings. No more Gooden contracts. Ersan is coming around. But you figure Sanders is a center and top shot blocker or tied with Ibaka. Still Sanders will command a ton once he hits RFA market. So yeah we could be forced into a huge deal with him down the road. Henson already shown flashes of being better and more athletic then Vin Baker. Besides I still have high hopes for Harris yet. So then all on new deals down the road could have us tight at the cap.

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    Jul 2008
    Bottom line, signing Jennings for 15 million is going to end one of two ways- either with a bad team or a competitive team well over the cap.

    The absolute highest I would go with Jennings is 12 million per. Since there is considerable cap space this year, I would be in favor of a mini-rebuild type year where the team relies on guys like Lamb, Harris, and Henson heavily off the bench rather than resigning Mike Dunleavy types.

    Use that cap space to frontload Jennings contract. Give him 5 years 60 million, but pay him 15 million in year one. 15, 13.5, 12, 10.5, and 9. That gives them flexibility going forward by opening up a little cap space.

    Then they could turn around and sign Mayo similarly, something 4 years 44 million.

    If they were to simply resign him and sign Mayo, plus draft a backup PG and SF they could have

    PG- Jennings, Lamb, 1st rounder
    SG- Mayo, Lamb
    SF- Mbah Moute, Harris, 2nd Rounder
    PF- Illyasova, Henson Udoh, Gooden
    C- Sanders, Henson, Udoh, Gooden

    They would be lacking in veteran depth, but it would allow them to have the flexibility necessary to lock up their core players for the long term.

    The next year, Sanders could be given a 5 year 50 million deal, and still be well under the luxury tax level.

    The year after that, Gooden, Mbah Moute, Harris, and Lamb. If Harris and Lamb have turned into good players, resigning them would likely bring the team further over the cap, but probably still not enough to hurt.

    The year after that, Illyasova expires, and that money could be used to pay Henson.

    If they aren't smart with Jennings though, they will lose somebody, no doubt.

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    Jul 2007
    I am not a number cruncher, but I will guess from 10-12 million, any more and he would have to be a consistent all star. It seems at 13 mill he would have to be the complete package. Then at 14 million or more I would have to do some thinking.

    If there are a lot of free agent pg available, then I am not too worried.
    People have been claiming there is more worry for FA SG.

    I tend to be a fg% and defense person, so I like to look back at players like Ricky Pierce, Allen, and Redd all shot good percentages. Defensive guards take the pressure off the frontline to concentrate more on rebounds.

    Real problem to lose both guards, it is getting close to another turning point for the Bucks, hopefully they turn for the better.

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    Nov 2008
    I don't think he's a max player. I wish he wasn't so dependent on the outside shot. If he's not shooting it well from the perimeter, he generally doesn't have a huge impact on the game. Guys like Rondo, Paul and those types can have a huge impact on the game if they aren't hitting their jumpers with their defense and shot creating for others. Then there are other PGs like Rose and Westbrook who can penetrate and get to the hoop so they can still score without hitting outside jumpers. Jennings doesn't really do that. He can be a huge impact player if he's hitting his jumpers. If he isn't hitting his jumpers, he can't get to the hole or really create a ton of shots for others. Sure he gets some assists, but its not really where he's creating a ton for others.

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    Oct 2010
    Titletown U.S.A.
    What is his credentials to receive a max contract?
    He hasn't had an all-star selection yet
    Hasn't won a playoff series yet
    Shoots a terrible FG %
    Has awful shot selection at times

    I like Jennings but nothing about him warrants a max deal.
    Last edited by Chucky Woods; 01-30-2013 at 09:14 PM.

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    Nov 2008
    While I do agree with the general premise of your statement, I can't agree with exactly the criteria. All-Star competitions are pretty much a popularity contest and there are a fair amount good Eastern Conference PGs. Garnett never won a playoff series until he went to Minn and actually had a good team around him, and in his prime, he was a max player. I'll agree on the shot selection and shooting percentages, but I will also say that he's relied on to be a bigger part of the offense than he probably should be, especially before Ellis arrived.

    I do agree he's not a max player, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. There's guys like Jamal Magloire, Nick Van Exel, Tyrone Hill, and Wally Szcerbiak all made all star games. I believe a couple of those guys won playoff series and presumable had decent FG% as well.

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