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    Lets hope Arodg isn't Breesy i mean greedy!
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    "If Rodgers were even just simply as good as Brady or Manning in the playoffs, his team would almost never win. Instead, what we've seen is a super hero act."
    -Peter Bukowski

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    22=24 million per year
    Quote Originally Posted by Munkeysuit View Post
    Rondo #1 PG in the league ...he has a ring to prove it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzbolt View Post
    Wall will win more and will be better then Irving Quote me.
    Quote Originally Posted by bearadonisdna View Post
    u can't build a franchise around lebron. Its been proven already. he can't attract players and has to follow to be matched up with talent.

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    Rodgers will become the highest paid player in the league. No way do Flacco or Matt Ryan deserve that

    Cameron Jordan is awesome

    12.5 sacks and this

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    Ill bet Rodgers contract isnt more than Brees and possibly Peytons. Not that he's not worth it, I just think he'll take less.

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    It's pretty much up to Rodgers. He should be the highest paid player in the league, but does he give the Packers a discount like Brady did for the Pats a few years back? I foresee 5 years 110-125 million.

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    i dont see why anyone would wnat to be the highest paid player. if you take up a quater of the cap by yourself, the rest of the teama round you will suffer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NormSizedMidget View Post
    While I sat down at the negotiations I'd have a big projector playing Matt Flynn versus the Lions on behind me.
    Good lol to start my morning.

    We'll pay Rodgers whatever he wants. He's the franchise. I do think he'll take a discount, but a discount for a player of his caliber could be taking 20-21 mil a year instead of 25-26 so he's still going to take a huge chunk.

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