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    Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3am is a waste

    Maybe you've seen the ads on the Internet or on TV in the wee hours of the morning. They make lofty promises: get rid of blue screens and error messages! Increase your speed! Clean up your system! But even when these PC cleanup apps aren't just malware in disguise, the things they're doing for your PC are often dubious. Many either replicate tasks that can be handled by built-in utilities or do things that could cause more problems than they solve.

    To highlight just why you and your loved ones should never let these applications anywhere near your PC, we picked one that we have recently seen ads for: MyCleanPC. It's the archetypal Windows cleanup app—and you probably shouldn't install it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Dreamer View Post
    Hillary Clinton was a historically weak candidate who embodied everything many Americans are repulsed by: elitism, neoliberalism, corruption, war mongering, racism, special interests. It's amazing her supporters are still looking for scapegoats for her failure.
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    You keep spouting off fake generalizations as if it is eternally profound. Can you start bringing specifics or cut it out? Thanks!
    Still waiting on one verifiable point for this my good man.


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    I've know that for a while. My favorite person interviewed is the old guy who says,

    "My clean PC......WERKSSSSSS!zzz!" Best ever.

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    Every damn time i see that nerdy guy's face after he turns towards the girl, i just want to shoot myself.

    True MVP 49ers 2012

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    My clean PC! Thatssssss MY. CLEAN. PCCCC!.com

    The Cult of Gattis

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    Oh this works? Thanks I just downloaded and installed.

    Go Braves/49ers!

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    Im not very computer savy but I did the msconfig thing and removed all the programes I know I dont need on start up, then I seen some on there with the manufacture was "UNKNOWEN" so I just removed those also. Now my computer starts up in less than 7 seconds. I almost forgot how fast my computer really was lol

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