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    Well champion always has a rematch clause.....
    My PWW checklist

    Wrigs - Check
    HTown - Check
    Riv - Check
    Jrm - Check
    Saddler - Check
    Rob - Check
    Sep - Check
    Swede - Let's just put a Check
    Dmac - It will be a Season of Beatings
    Mitb - Check
    Prestige Champion - Check
    World Champion - Check
    Creater of the First and most dominate Stable in PWW history
    The First Famly - Check

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    That was my feeling as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbellz3o8 View Post
    Well champion always has a rematch clause.....
    That doesn't apply when it comes to EC ppv. The last five years both championships were EC matches. It doesn't really make sense that Cena would assume they would have a rematch especially considering the titles are always in Elimination Chamber matches.

    My guess is he screwed up his promo. It makes sense all around that it would be a triple threat though. Cena said he can't beat them, and has to face them both making him an even bigger "underdog". Plus Rock/Cena needs something else in it to sell a rematch to the fans. The title isn't enough. Punk could be though.

    Punk forgetting about the title and calling out Taker for Mania, or Taker showing up and having a problem with Punk doesn't really make sense if you stop and think about it. Punk is obsessed with the title and being in the main event. He would do whatever to get in that match. Taker makes more sense for Brock with his tie in with HHH and having HHH calling him back.

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    Shield or Lesnar must have to interfere with the match making it a triple threat.

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