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Based on your team's system and identity, you should be able to mark out what positions you value the most and then be able to spend accordingly. That's part of the problem with our cap mismanagement is that we got locked on keeping all the stars we could.
the problem is the amount of players not worth near the amount they are paid. you can't look at the mismanagement as Revis and cro ewen we wasted money and picks on Vernon, Bart pace, and Kw. i won't count ducasse because you can't hit on everything but these were huge mess ups that definitely come before Cromartie when talking about depth
For instance, I point to the Holmes situation. We supposedly were a ground and pound team at that time, so why did we value paying a WR who wasn't exactly putting up elite numbers $9-10 million per year. Also, Holmes didn't block. We should have gone with the cheaper alternative in Braylon, who also happens to block.
that's a perfect example of throwing money at a position instead of going situation by situation. you can make a trade if you have to if you had contingent signings in place.