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    Royce White reinstated

    Royce White sent to D-League

    HOUSTON -- The Houston Rockets have reinstated suspended forward Royce White and he's due to report to the team's developmental league affiliate on Feb. 11.

    The 6-foot-8 White, the 16th overall pick in the last draft, has been on the inactive list all season as he worked on an arrangement with the team to balance his acknowledged anxiety disorder with the demands of the NBA schedule.

    The Rockets said Saturday they had reached an agreement that "addresses the major issues" for the two sides. The league and the players' union have both approved the settlement, the Rockets said.

    White was vocal on Twitter throughout the saga, often criticizing the team. The Rockets suspended White on Jan. 6 after he refused to accept an assignment to Rio Grande Valley in the NBDL.
    Source: Associated Press through

    For whatever it's worth at this point, at least we have a timetable for when he'll actually play freaking basketball again. Although, I expect literally nothing from him at this point, at least for the remainder of the season. If he makes a single basket in a Rockets jersey this season, I'll be surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis94 View Post
    Bucks vs raptors in the ECF. Mark my words.

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    I 'expect' him to be the NBA's version of Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un - once a concession or two rolls in (in his case, a paycheck or two), he'll go right back to his usual defiant douchery.

    I say work him in the D-league, polish him up, and trade him off. If you stick Ginger up a horse's rear-end, it'll look spritely and energetic and more valuable than what it really is... maybe we should try this.

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    It's the right move by the Rockets. If he can end the season giving the Rockets anything at all, then maybe they can trade him for a pair of 2nd round picks. But I definitely think he's burned his bridges in Houston.

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