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    Rating the 2012 Draft, for 2013

    so, Mel, "big hair" Kiper didn't like our 2012 draft. It is easy to take shots when on paper, our draft didn't produce mutliple starters in 2012.


    But, I take a different approach to our 2012 draft, the viewpoint of how it NOW looks given that we are making the switch to a 4-3. Here is my player-by-player look for 2013:

    1st Rd: Mo - my goodness, I think this kid is going to be something special. In a Tampa-2 defense, he will be asked to cover receivers in a zone setting at times; I believe that he is best suited (like Carr) to press at the line. But, that's the thing with the arguably the best defensive play from the 2012 draft; his out look for 2013 excites me as he can play zone, man, press, etc.

    2nd rd: sorry, we lost out on that to grab up Mo (and I am just fine with that)

    3rd rd: Crawford - he isn't going to be a replacement for the Pro Bowl, but he got some valuable experience in 2012; now, this guy and his motor is extremely well suited to be in a 4-3 defense; he will be in the rotation and if the Cowboys do something with DT next to him (ex: Melton?), then he is going to get some sacks this season; the 4-3 benefits him more than any other draft pick on our roster from 2012

    4th: Wilber, Johnson - Wilber didn't see a lot of playing time in 2012; but, he was brought in as an RKG who can run and tackle; that is very important in a 4-3, especially a Tampa-2 where the LB's must be able to make plays to allow the zone coverages to work, which frees up the DL to rush the passer; while I can't see him as a starter, I do see him as a good depth move; now, Johnson is very intriguing; he has the perfect make-up for a Tampa-2 safety; he is a fast, ball-hawk type with a strong motor; he is somewhat smalllish (at least coming out of college), but this guy is exactly the type of player needed at the safety position in a Tampa-2; he, along with Danny Coale are my two pet cats from the 2012 draft; if healthy, I can see some exciting things from this kid

    5th: Coale - there is potential there to be very good, but missing an entire season and falling behind many others may keep this kid from being an NFL player/contributor; I still have high hopes that he comes in healthy and pushes for the slot job (3rd WR)

    6th: Hanna - I am VERY excited to see what this kid can do; he showed flashes of ability near the end of the season; if Tony/Callahan sees his importance to the offense, then he could be the guy that the Cowboys have wanted to get for years to employ the 2 TE set

    7th: McSurdy - at best, I can see him contributing to the ST unit; he is a RKG type player but in the 7th round, you don't expect to have a starter

    Overall, while the 2012 campaign was not stellar for the draft class (other than Mo), I can see some large potential for success if they can come in healthy, compete in practice, and get on the field;

    I like the 2012 draft class, especially since they translate very well into the new defensive scheme. What say you?

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    Reallllllly want to see more James Hanna next year, I am extremely excited about him

    Mavs 0-0
    Monta Ellis + Dirk + Calderon + Rick = Best Monta you will see

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