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    Haven't been this fired up about baseball since 2002.

    This move was a balance of power shift move. It turns us from WC fighters to possible Division Champions. Frank Wren deserves mad props. This move was extremely reminiscent of the 2002 move to acquire Gary Sheffield:

    We went 101-59 that year...........with SICK offense. There's articles out right now saying we have the best outfield in baseball along with the Angels with Trout/Hamilton/Gorgeous Borgeous. I don't disagree. This shifts the power in our favor. And it wasn't just the Upton piece. Chris Johnson gives us a VERY nice replacement for Prado. I really like this piece of the trade too. I think it lets us bring Francisco off the bench and Chris could possibly play most of the year, although I wouldn't mind a platoon and would love nothing better than a Chipper return but that's just getting greedy. We have 3 5-tool, young and now I think controllable outfielders for the next 5-6 years hopefully. We have more young talent with Freeman and Simmons. We need one of these "or"s to happen to go really far this year in my opinion:

    MAC come back to All Star form post surgery OR
    Gattis come be a beast at C OR
    Uggla have a great comeback year

    That's it, just one of those things and we're gold, oh and stay healthy.

    I haven't been this fired up about our outfield youth since Gant and Justice bashed their ways to stardom. And Wren made some other moves some of you might have forgotten that will make us freakin dominant. The biggest of which was this:

    I can't freakin believe he pulled this off. I've watched this guy. He's Kimbrel part 2 when healthy. If back to ROTY votes in 2011 form again, he will be 8th inning lights out, Kimbrel, 9th inning lights out, Venters 7th inning lights out, O'Flaherty 6th inning lights out. ALL OUR STARTERS NEED TO DO IS PITCH 5 STRONG! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been this fired up about our offense since 2002, and our bullpen, EVER! This is the best Braves bullpen EVER!!!! We are LIGHTS OUT AFTER 5!!!! I am so freakin pumped up right now! And I haven't gotten into how awesome our starters are. We will beat the crap out of the Mets, Marlins and Phillies this year. The Nats provide us our only challenge. In the rest of the NL, it's payback time for the freakin Cardinals and Giants. I think we KILL those teams this year. The Dodgers are the ONLY other team aside from the NATS we may have trouble with. In the AL, the East is stacked. The West will be great especially if Bourn ends up in Seattle and I think he will. My prediction: Braves defeat Nats and Dodgers on road to World Series to defeat the Angels. What a freakin year if I'm right!!!! We're in for one hell of a ride! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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    1991 Lost WS to Twins 4-3
    1992 Lost WS to Blue Jays 4-2
    1993 Lost NLCS to Phillies 4-2
    1996 Lost WS to Yankees 4-2 (led 2-0)
    1997 Lost NLCS to Marlins 4-2
    1998 Lost NLCS to Padres 4-2
    1999 Lost WS 4-0 to Yankees
    2000 Lost NLDS 3-0 to Cardinals
    2001 Lost NLCS to Diamondbacks 4-1
    2002 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Giants
    2003 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Cubs
    2004 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Astros
    2005 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Astros
    2010 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Giants
    2012 Lost NLWC 1-0 to Cardinals
    2013 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Dodgers

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