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    What a stupid ****ing comment

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    Speaking of how ****ing dumb bleacher report is....I read an article on there the other day about who the Niners should take in the upcoming draft. Whoever wrote the article said they should take Matt Barkley with their first round pick.

    First Round, No. 30 Overall

    Quarterback Matt Barkley, Senior, 6'2", 220 lbs, USC

    Alex is gone (he will be traded in March).

    So now...what if CK gets hurt in the first playoff game next year? Who steps in? Someone who can't take the 49ers to the superbowl?

    The 49ers are going to get a QB to replace Alex Smith anyway.

    And...who are you going to pay first round money to? The best nose tackles and defensive ends will be gone. There probably will only be players available at (or around) pick 30 through 32 that the 49ers just DON'T need.

    Quarterback Matt Barkley stayed too long at USC.
    Jeff Gross/Getty Images
    Matt Barkley would have been the third overall pick last year. He should have gone pro a year ago when his stock was hot, but was loyal. His loyalty cost him. He has a lot of character.

    Despite his perceived fall, Barkley is a steal at No. 30 and eventually will be able to fill in for Colin. He is the best pro-style quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft. If his stock does not rise back up to the top 10 after the combine, Barkley will have a year to learn the 49er's system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RateSports View Post
    I seriously hope that you are joking. This entire thread is complete garbage. You know nothing about football.
    How about you throw a position out there that's less important than a safety?

    True MVP 49ers 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by eibbor View Post
    One of the best at his position ever

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    What I've learned from this thread:

    1. Ed Reed and Frank Gore don't matter.

    2. Bleacher Report should be taken seriously.

    3. Nobody has realized that Randy ****ing Moss also has a chance to get his first ring

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    I love Randy Moss, Frank Gore AND Ray Lewis. I'm such a softie.

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