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    No. You're right. Every player on every team is aging. It's ****ing science man

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    More like, is the NFC West the best division moving forward. SF & Sea both are not ''undoubtedly'' the two best teams moving forward, however, each are very good teams with bright futures and the Rams are also improving at a very quick pace as well. That said, I will admit, IMO, that the West, right now, is the best division in football, arguably.
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    If I'm a betting man, which I am, I'm putting my money with the best QB in the NFL... Aaron Rodgers who is only what 28... ya...

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantspwn View Post
    Obviously, neither of these teams is guaranteed success.

    Question was posed as to the best talent combined with youth, and so far no one's earnestly given a legit team that can match either of these teams.

    The Broncos, Ravens, Patriots, Falcons, Giants and Packers rosters are aging. How much longer can Manning, Brady, and Brees play before the effects of aging truly start showing?

    Texans, Colts, and Redskins are teams I'd consider on the rise.
    All of those teams you list until their QB's decide to hang it up are still in the upper echelon. They aren't even slowing down so anything different is silly at the present moment.

    As far as your up and comers. The Texans could absolutely be an elite team with better play at QB. Schaub is pretty mediocre surrounded by a tremendous team. Their problem is that they are in cap hell right now. So instead of on the rise I think they are more on the way down. Without a change at QB and probably HC they are just wasting the talent that is on their roster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giantspwn View Post
    ...The Broncos, Ravens, Patriots, Falcons, Giants and Packers rosters are aging. How much longer can Manning, Brady, and Brees play before the effects of aging truly start showing?...
    Well, I concede these 3 QBs are getting “old” but the teams?

    The Patriots have been turning their roster over in the past 3 or 4 years and may be amongst youngest teams or at least top 12 youthful team.

    But, that all depends on what you want to use as a method to determine age, the 53 only, starters, starters at some point, just the 22 starters not including special teams, average of all players, including practice squad, not including practice squad, game day roster, etc. It isn’t as easy an exercise as one would think.

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    Undoubtedly the best teams moving forward? They're both good. But wow...

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