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    celtics arent ever trading paul pierce. sorry
    Quote Originally Posted by KniCks4LiFe View Post
    Westbrook is like a younger version of A.I. mixed w/ 23 yr. old Kobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beasted86 View Post
    What 2014 plan?

    I'm seriously not trying to sound like a troll Laker hater or anything, but no top 10 player in their right mind would outright sign with the Lakers in 2014 via capspace after seeing how this team has blown it with a roster as talented as currently constructed.

    A building block core of Rudy Gay and Howard and a little capspace to add another piece is far better than whatever imaginary scenario you are dreaming would happen in 2014.

    But I digress, this trade isn't happening. 0% chance.
    New coach by then, Healthy Dwight if he re-signs or room for another max, Kobe will be retiring or having a reduced role, and it's a huge market and could become that free agents team

    But back to the thread topic, Mitch doesn't get ripped off in trades, he does the ripping off. (can't stand the term trade rape)

    Saluti, Vino!

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    if this happens and lakers trade dwight for love then damn! gay love in LA!

    Los Angeles Lakers
    1995-1996: 51-31
    1996-1997: 51-31

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    Quote Originally Posted by Losoway View Post
    celtics arent ever trading paul pierce. sorry
    says the guy on my sig
    Hahahaha oh man addition by subtraction big time. So happy Eyebrows is gone. That tan Bieber was such a waste. Snake oil salesman. You lip-licking, eyebrow-rubbing, skinny jean-wearing, bandana in 60 degree weather-wearing, no defense-playing, false-leading, denture-wearing, drag queen. So happy you're gone. But I will miss jacking it to pictures Of you.
    Mr. Jones on Dlo trade.

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    Bunch of bull crap
    "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need"

    HERE'S TO THE 2014-2015 SEASON !! GO GRIZZ !!!

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