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    Should the Pens fire Bylsma?

    I had this question last year after the playoffs, but I let it slide, because I thought it was a 1-time thing. Personally, after last night's mess, I think it's time. Let's look at what Byslma has done:

    1. Won the Cup
    2. Won the Jack Adams when Sid and Geno were hurt
    3. Guided the Pens to a 167-85-25 record
    4. Guided the Pens to a 28-22 playoff record
    5. Creates a positive aura around the locker room

    Now the bad:

    1. Ruined 2 of the top shutdown D in the league in Martin and Michalek
    2. Shows a complete refusal to adjust his system whenever Crosby and Malkin are in the lineup
    3. Lacks control of the team, both in terms of penalties and just making smart plays
    4. Insists on playing favorites instead of actually better players (ie Adams vs Jeffery)
    5. Caused us to lose Staal (him being stuck as a 3C probably didn't convince him to stay)
    6. Implements a "run and gun" system that just doesn't work in the NHL anymore
    7. Can't get the team to play good team defense
    8. Has only 1 playoff series win in 3 years and a 12-14 record in those 3 years
    9. Refusal to keep lines together, which means chemistry can't be made
    10. Poor handling of young players (Tangradi, Despres, Sneep, ect)
    11. Makes players change their position away from their strong point (Jeffery changed to a winger)

    So, what is your opinion on this? I can name multiple examples for 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11. Also, I wasn't trying to paint Bylsma a certain way with this, it was just a lot easier of thinking about the bad that he has done compared to the good. After a Jack Adams, cup and his record, I really didn't know what else to put there.

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    I'm not the people who said these, but I saw these on various websites tonight about the coaching situation:

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    "Simple stuff... it's hockey 101. Don't turn the puck over. How about... support the ****ing puck carrier. We are making 60 foot passes 24/7. How about a 5-7 foot pass every now and again? A board chip/support/etc.

    People can ***** about our roster all they want. Our lineup is freaking great. We need better coaching. Plain and simple. You can switch lines.... it won't mask your **** system.

    Any other coach would catch on that TK struggled on his off-wing. Stop putting him in a position to lose the puck. Anyone else would have called a time out against a hostile crowd. It's just a joke anymore. He's not a coach for this team. Bring on the next one.

    edit: The passing comes down to one thing - puck support. There is none of it. We are looking for sexy long passes all game. Any good NHLer picks it off. Support the puck carrier."

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    "For me-- I posted it elsewhere but I'll post it again here-- the right coach is someone who uses everything at his disposal (systems, line combinations, motivation/the whip, adjustments, etc) to put players, especially his best players, into position where they're playing to their strengths and not to their weaknesses. Put another way, the right coach puts his players into the best possible position to make plays, and from there it's on the players.

    When I look at this team, I see players so hopelessly out of position that I cannot help but to wonder if that's coaching or the players not trying/caring enough (and if the reason even matters because the result is the same). I cannot help but to wonder if the limited success this team has enjoyed is as much about transcendent individual efforts from guys like Sid and Geno and to a lesser extent Flower and Letang, where they're willing the team to victory in spite of, rather than because of, the coaching."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    "I like the energy and positive attitude he brings, it's essential to a young team, but he has been schooled by other coaches in the regular season and playoffs. Players have publicly noted that they know how to Play the Penguins down to a T yet Bylsma refuses to change anything.

    Like I said, I've been a Bylsma supporter, but I don't think he's the right coach for this team anymore, he doesn't hold players accountable, he makes poor lineup choices and he sounds like a broken record when we lose, "we didn't get to our game".

    We won the Cup in 2009, he was an important part of that, but the Pens played a different style and we had a lineup that was deeper and younger, yes we have some of the same guys, but 4 years later, they're not the same player.

    He changed the entire style of our team and ever since he did, we have failed.

    Ray Shero is also at fault, he did the exact opposite of improving the team in the offseason and the on ice product is proving that.

    Also, he doesn't hold veterans accountable or bench them, but he'll demote and scratch younger players, at least they have an excuse, they're learning the pro game and have to learn from their mistakes, you just zap their confidence when you scratch them. Simon Despres hasn't been bad on the Penguins D this season, but Bylsma "doesn't like his demeanor" so he decides to go with Ben Lovejoy, who shouldn't even be in the NHL and wouldn't be if Bylsma wasn't the coach. Chris Kunitz has sucked so far this season, I think he should be benched as a wake up call to say "hey, you're not going to have a spot in the lineup if you continue to play mediocre hockey" that's a message that can be sent to the whole team, but it won't happen, instead of being a COACH (that's his job title, right?) and COACHING the younger guys and teach them not to make the mistakes, he lets them have a seat in the press box or reduced minutes on the bottom line/pair."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    "The problems with his coaching(or lack thereof) have been going on for years. He doesn't make in game adjustments, he doesn't held players accountable, he doesn't game plan, he doesn't dictate the match ups, he doesn't put players in position to succeed (for ex Neal on the point on the PP : brilliant, Malkin on the wing but I digress), offensively his system is taylor-made for a team made of grinder in its entirety(too bad we have 2 of the most skilled player on earth), players have been regressing defensively under his guidance, has been outcoached in about every series since the Cup, etc..."
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    No, he shouldn't get fired. Last year's playoff loss was bad but Philly was a good team too. It's not as if we lost to a completely lesser opponent.

    We would have won the Tampa series if Malkin or Crosby had been healthy. Losing your two best centers is going to kill a team regardless of how good you are. It didn't help matters that Neal had one goal that entire series.

    I would elaborate more on the other points but I'm feeling a little lazy and don't feel like typing everything out lol

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    I wouldn't say he should get fired, but I have never liked his system, and I don't think it plays to our strengths. I would prefer someone who "gets" our material and doesn't dumb down our creativity. Bylsma plays too much of a move the puck ahead game, which is easier to defense. I would like to see us be more creative with the puck and play a more lateral game when appropriate, get our D men more involved. Throwing the puck ahead doesn't work with a lot of our skill set. We are very predictable and don't move the puck to the weak side enough. I have not liked Bylsma's system going back to 2009. I think we often win in spite of our system.

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    No but he needs to makes changes he has to get it done with this roster

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    That would be the best option. Have him implement that masks our weaknesses and promotes our strengths. Good coach, but not the right system for us.

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    if i may .. What is the right system for this team ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pensfan_71 View Post
    if i may .. What is the right system for this team ?
    well for starters...

    one thing we seemed to learn in the series loss to detroit, was you cant score if you spend 60% of your ice time on your ***.

    consequently, we became more physical and we spent 60% of the tiem knocking the other team on their ***.

    Right now it feels as if we are plying olympic style hockey... fast paced, but no physicality...not enough forechecking and disruption.

    Secondly we need to cycle more.. and that means short tape to tape passes...

    Thirdly we need a net front presence on more than just 1 line... Screen the goalie.
    we need someone who can get the pucks out of the corners.

    Simply put... we need 3 eric lindros on every line... :P

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