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View Poll Results: Trade Winner

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  • Lakers

    7 17.95%
  • Nuggets

    20 51.28%
  • 76ers

    4 10.26%
  • Magic

    8 20.51%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManRamForPrez24 View Post
    It's too early. Too many unknowns.

    Say Dwight re-signs and goes on to play 10+ years with LA and wins multiple championships. Maybe something similar happen with Bynum in Philly. Those two re-signing really is the game-changer for those teams...and declaring them winners or losers right now before we know that is a bit premature.

    I'm sure Denver is fine with the trade, even though Iggy hasn't been tremendous offensively.

    As a Magic fine I'm fine with it. We have some nice financial freedom after next season, Vucevic looks really good and we're gonna have a very high pick this year because we didn't get an all-star caliber player back. Obviously they didn't get equal value, but all things considered it's OK.

    Short term: Denver has been the biggest winner, LA and PHI are losers and Orlando is neither.
    exactly the bold. Bynum should be back in about 3 weeks hopefully he shows he is healthy and gets to the playoffs

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    Wait about 5 years.

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    the only team in the thick playoff race right now

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    Jun 2010
    lmfao, who voted the Lakers?
    The Quest For Lombardi
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi~TwnHawksFan View Post
    lmfao, who voted the Lakers?
    I did for this reason.

    The OP didn't provide specifics. So for the general question of 'Who won the trade?', I will go by who got the most dominant big man in the game today. He's having a bad year, sure, but just looking at the players involved, LA won it.

    If the question was, "Given what we know at this stage in the season, who won the trade?", I would say Denver.

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