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    Quote Originally Posted by marlon641 View Post
    Would selling the team change the TV deal that's handicapping us though?
    Nope, the deal was described as "ironclad" thus their lawyers could find no loopholes to get out of it.

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    The only way I can see them getting out of this TV contract is if Liberty Media (or someone who wants to purchase the Braves) actually buys SportSouth from Fox and voids the deal. But Fox bought SportSouth (Turner South) for $375M from Time Warner back in 2006, and according to Forbes (, the Braves are worth just over $500M, so it's hard to imagine Liberty Media would want to go through all of that. It has to be a huge reason why, for example, Mark Cuban wanted no part of this team when he trying to get into the MLB. But who knows, someone else might in the next few years. SportSouth has about 9 million subscribers, which is second only to the YES Network among the 30 clubs, but the Yankees own their regional sports network while the Braves are getting chump change.
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