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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_FrozenNetsFan View Post
    Well Brook is gonna need a acutally a log on his shoulder tonight against the Grizz. They are tough on the front line. It'll give him a chance to show he belongs at the ASG or that mebbe the coaches know what they're doing.
    What does 1-42 tell you? I do not think game 43 should make a huge difference on putting him over the top or telling them they made the right call. The ASG should not be an at the moment thing.

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    Well I think perhaps I didn't make myself clear but it really doesn't matte. I just hope that Broook has a very good game tonight. That's all I'm really interested in no matter what his motivation is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arbitrage View Post
    My thoughts/questions:

    1. Who would you replace on the EC roster to put Brook in? KG, Bosh?
    He has better stats than either one of those guys, plus Tyson Chandler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whomewhome View Post
    Normally I would agree with you. But facts are facts, EVERY YEAR, someone gets voted in to REPLACE someone. Guess what Brook Lopez will be the first call up from the EAST. So Don't count on REST, he won't get it. And to me, getting a call because someone is injured is a slap in the face.

    No I am disgusted by this, there is no other way to put it.
    Well, as long as it isn't Garnett, Noah or Chandler they won't call Brook.

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    It's a complete joke. We're the 3 seed in the East with 3 All Star caliber players and none of them made it. I can understand DWill and maybe Johnson, but Lopez should've been a lock to make it. It's ridiculous.
    Mikhail Prokhorov

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    Personally I don't think the ASG suits brooks style of play so who cares if he doesn't go and look out of place the ASG has no meaning at all and I honestly couldn't care less if they stopped having the game

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