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    New Orleans, LA.
    Quote Originally Posted by usaintwinnin View Post
    I saw someone say us in the 3-4 is weird? I say the DOME PATROL IS BACK!!!!!!!! Can't wait for next year.
    MAN, where in the hell have you been?
    Damn brotha, You can't, calllll nobody?

    Last edited by BIGBREED; 02-01-2013 at 09:08 PM.
    I officially now have a "Stephen" following me!

    From my Stephen-
    "Ya damn near ran one of the most ride or die for the Saint fans on here. But that's ok, all that gon change!"
    "I'm gon get with ya every time u try to disrespect other Saints fans!"
    "I wish he opens his mouth!"
    "It's a new day Saints Forum!"

    Time Will Tell My Accuracy's

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    hahahhahaha, i know i been M.I.A. , but im back fellas!! and already lookin forward to next season.

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    Ok, Saints have 5 coaching jobs to fill:

    defensive coordinator
    secondary coach
    offensive line coach
    assistant defensive line coach
    assistant special teams coach

    and some of these apparently could go down by the end of the week, according to Larry Holder of now that the Super Bowl festivities are over. If the Saints were waiting to have access to 49er or Ravens coaches, then they are free to request it now

    Cameron Jordan is awesome

    12.5 sacks and this

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    I knew as soon as the rams fell through that we were gonna grab Ryan. I like it too.

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