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    If I were Jim Buss (thank God I'm not), I'd pull Mike into my office and say the following:

    "Hey Mike, sit down. Make yourself comfortable, here's a canister of Pringles. So listen, I enjoy the thing you bring to the table - your relationship with Steve Nash. That thing is great, but you just aren't the voice of our team. So listen, let's amicably plan to buyout a piece of your contract and make you our 'lead' assistant coach. We are going to throw the Earth itself into a plan to obtain Jerry Sloan, Larry Brown, Jeff Van Gundy or of those gentlemen will be the individual that straightens out this team and encourages the roster to rise to it's obvious potential."

    During the summer:
    "The team played fantastic under our new leadership. Mike you are the weakest link, goodbye."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenged24 View Post
    worse coaching staff of all-time llullz
    This is all very funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalG333 View Post
    They're not going to fire Dantoni. He will finish this season as head coach.

    How does a guy get paid 4 million and make an entire city feel like they could do the job better than he can? Amazing.
    They have to fire Dantoni. Really. A situation has been created where they have no choice but to fire D'antoni. He is literally the worst coach in Laker history, worse than Magic, worse than Rambis, worse than Rudy T.

    What else can they do? It's a $10M loss, but they have no choice.

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    The next press conference is going to be a comedy show. I really feel like this is going to start taking some bizarre Rodman-like turns soon.

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