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View Poll Results: Are FootBall Levels responsible 4 consequences of their players head 2 head hits inju

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    2 66.67%
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    Question Are The High School, NCAA, Semi-Pro, AFL, CFL, NFL & All Other FootBall Organizations

    Inspired by great sports radio host Dan Selio (though he is sexist) just posed this great question to us listeners!

    Did The Miami Dolphins’ kill ex-NFL Future HOFer MLBer Junior Seau???

    I would say yes, he believes no because MLBer Junior Seau knew the risk during his playing career. This is not exactly the topic of this thread and its poll.
    I really disagree with that inside organized FootBall attitude; certain injuries are so damning to The Sport & The Sports’ organizers that they hide them for decades (from not just the players, but the media) and they still deny the worse affects. They hid it right through MLBer Junior Seau’s prime seasons/most of his career.

    The topic/Question of this thread and its poll is:

    Are The High School, NCAA, Semi-Pro, AFL, CFL, NFL & All Other FootBall Organizations running organized FootBall responsible for the specialized rules to protect ONLY certain MONEY players (OL & DL get more Concussions- more quick & violent ones; even more than FBs, MLBs & TEs), injuries (including Concussions), and their resulting diseases (Learning Challenges <if they lucky>, Dementia, Alzheimers & Etc.) & deaths of 1960s-2000s (stopping at 2009- for Concussions) players who suffer from hits to the head??

    I say yes, until they admit everything (wisest thing to do- longer goes on more resources it will cost in court cases- even in The USA) and add the rules for all positions (within reason; even offensive players hitting defensive players).
    Last edited by GreatWhiteShark; 01-24-2013 at 03:14 PM. Reason: wises to wisest, from from head on head contact?? to from hits to the head?? Sorry, what I really meant this poll and thread
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