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    Sanchez holds early west coast practices: Same Mistakes, Sanchez and Holmes "Bond": Same Mistakes, Sanchez reaches out to Pennington: Same Mistakes, Sanchez reaches out to Garcia: Most likely Same Mistakes. It always seems like he's doing the right thing but it always ends up failing. Like before, I guess we'll see.

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    Articles like this is why I have always liked Sanchez, I don't think he is the man for this team, but I really respect and appreciate his earnest effort to improve. He's a good guy from what I can see, his failures are not from lack of trying

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    Hey - the dude is going to make $8.25 million+, with OUR JETS this year. If he is going out to learn the Earwig's offense, AND unlike with Pennington, he is going to throw with Garcia - AND he also plans on seeking out mechanics help from Steve Young.

    I don't know if any of this will help - probably not, but I'd rather read this, and have him do it, then hear about him partying down @ South Beach, or St. Bart's (you got to be rich to do it there, although in my 14 years in the Virgin Islands, every year when my wife and I would sail "down island," going east and south through the Caribbean - we would drop our anchor for free, and hang out there for virtually nothing, of course, we didn't seek out the "rich and stain-FULL," but often, they would come to the local hang outs where the people we knew were; usually, they were treated just like any other person. Sorry - off the point, as usual!

    Anyway - we better hope against hope that something miraculous happens this offseason, and Sanchez can do a 180 degree about face with his head, his accuracy, and his decision making - because, UNLESS something drastic happens - we will not only be the highest paid QB on our roster this year, but he also may well be the most talented (and don't give me McElroy-shmacElroy).

    I would love for us to be able to land our GREAT QB this year - somehow - but unless some of the rest of the offense isn't addressed (like - O-line, WRs, TEs, RBs), unless the person we snag is just unbelievable - it isn't going to matter too much who's behind center. I hope I'm wrong, but...

    SO, why not say - "Well, at least Sanchez is trying. It probably won't make any difference, but I'm glad he's trying!"

    Don't be a bitter Hater - believe me, as a life-long Jet Fan (my life being longer than some) - you can't afford to be a bitter Hater - because you will most likely be miserable. Think positive, and hope for the best, and maybe great things will happen. The 49ers sucked for many decades before Bill Walsh through to Steve Young, and then they sucked for another 15 years until last year. The Giants Sucked from the early 60's to the mid - 80's, and except for that fluke trip to the 2000 SB, where they got killed by the Ravens - they sucked for another 15 years until 2007.

    We sucked this year - but we have been to the play-offs a 1/2 a dozen times, including 2 trips to the AFC Championship game - in the last 12 years - 3 trips if we go back to 1998 - and it just sucks that we came close, but haven't been able to get over the hump. Ask how Falcon's Fans feel, yes - they were top seed in the NFC this year, again, but, once again - they're sitting home for the Super Bowl, and have had 1 trip - and they lost!

    Just trying to provide, perhaps, a different perspective. I feel you pain, but remember, we didn't cause this, we can't fix it - but we can be positive - as so much of this off-season (by you guys), so far has been.

    GO JETS!!!
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    As much as I never wanted Sanchez here to begin with, I do respect the fact hes always motivated in the offseason to improve even though he regresses he at least tries, maybe he should watch film of himself and see how bad he looks at times and fix his ****ing footwork

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