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I know Smart is the 2nd based conversational piece, so here is my question to you agent; with the knuckle heads we have on our team, mr. Chucker, garcia (our vet), a team that has been the victim of bad coaching for years, and misfits thrown together, with no superstar, how much better can the coaching be? The coach can only teach them so much per day, and he can only tell them to play well, it's really up to our team. I love our team. They are all nice guys. They seem to play hard. But there is a talent we just don'thave at this time. That we need to make this a 47 win team. It would only take one player. But who and how to get him is a problem that I certainly can't answer. As much as Smart is a problem with this team, the team is way more responsible to put a ball in a hole and keep the other team from putting the ball in thier basket. I think our problem is more with the Gm or owners that may have been running more then they should have.
This was was the point of my question, is it bad coaching holding us back or are we just not talented enough to compete for a playoff spot? Personally, I think we would at least be in the conversation for the playoffs with better coaching. We're 6.5 games out right now, I think you can easily blame 4-5 losses on Smart (maybe more). At the same time, I definitely do not think that our roster is great by any means. However, I think that with a couple of personnel moves and better coaching we could compete for one of the lower seeds. I honestly expect the Kings to be in the playoffs next year. I think that the new ownership will make a big splash with the roster and bring in a legit coach. I just really hope that all of this happens in Sac.