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    Quote Originally Posted by eltwo View Post
    innings ≠ pitch count
    I meant that both were a real issue.

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    Its an entire pitching program. When Mejia was up 2 yrs back, he was up throwing warm up pitches every friggin day. If you ever seen him warm up, it no different then pitching, 100 mph speed. The thing to do is monitor every phase of their throwing program; from warmup, bull pen, and to pitch count. Innings mean very little since some pitchers are more effective. RA could get to the 8th inning on 100 pitches, while Harvey can barely get out of the 6th. What guys like Petersen and other scholars bring to the game is a program which monitors and brings basic common sense to pitcher health. Something Jerry Manuel never thought of when he got the same pitchers up every friggin day. Now relievers and starters probably need to be treated different. Another aspect is size and delivery effort of the pitchers body. Thats why the team loves these 6' - 4" pitchers with the easy delivery. I think the Verducci has some validity, but it stems from maintaining precaution on how you use your pitcher. Were we wrong to let Santana finish his no - hitter?
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    I'd like to know what % of Verducci effect candidates actually broke down, otherwise this is pointless, no-on EVER talks about guys that didn't conform to the pattern.

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