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    Is Barack Obama a good leader?

    Wasn't it Too Short that said "get in where you fit in"?

    Rodgers is the best player on the team. If you don't like it, find your way out. Football is no different than life or business, just because the person who is leading you isn't everything you want that person to be doesn't mean ****. It especially doesn't mean anything to that person...and rightfully so. They have worked and managed to put themselves in that position. If you don't want to be a follower figure out a way to be the leader.

    Whether or not you come to the reality that is (life, sports, business, etc.) will determine whether or not you're individually no matter what you do.

    If I facepalmed any harder I would have cracked my own skull.

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    Dcup, I totally hear what you are I said earlier in the thread, I am not saying that he is, or is not a good leader. I guess I was more reflecting on the instance where Rodgers told the media that he had nothing to say to them,so the reporters leave him alone and he starts spewing **** when they are interviewing other players.....I find that too be quite douchey ! All I ever hear from fans on here, is that they hated the end of Favre's career because he was always waffling on retirement. I loved Favre, but the one thing that pissed me off about Brett, was when he started making himself bigger than the team. All of the **** about him having his own "area" in the clubhouse. or how he started to become separated from his teamates.....I firmly believed that that was the main reason he only had 1 Super Bowl ring in his awesome career.... I really do not want too see Rodgers take that path now. Typically I really do not care what other players, or players agents, or players sisters, say about the Packers QB. however, this is starting to become a trend in that locker room, and MM needs to take more control over the players in my opinion

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