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View Poll Results: Current Durant or 08-09 Wade?

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  • Wade

    7 35.00%
  • Durant

    13 65.00%
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    This regular season so far is probably better than Wade's because of the insane scoring efficiency. Once Durant can carry his team to a ring, then he will be able to say he is/was a better player than Wade ever was.

    Wade's legendary playoff performance does give him a slight edge (although it was a different year so technically it shouldn't).

    Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick walk into a bar... To watch Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl.

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    I'd take that season for Wade over Durant's this year (although it's close and certainly both are great). Getting that rebounding out of a guard and Wade's playmaking ability are what push him over Durant for me. I'd be really curious to see how their years would have changed if Wade had the talent around him that Durant does (likely would eliminate some bad shots he was forced to take but cause a dip in raw stats) and if Durant had the lack of talent around him that that Heat team did (likely decrease in efficiency and increase in raw stats)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronz View Post
    There have been no Finals this year. Cant blame KD for something that hasn't happened yet.

    Besides Wade didn't make the Finals that year, are you trying to tell me that Wade wasn't as good or better than he was a few years prior?

    Quote Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
    In 8th grade you will learn how to use apostrophes.
    Says the guy who doesn't capitalize his letters.

    Quote Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
    most the kids on this site are to young the 06 finals.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChiSox219 View Post
    Better study up for your test on the difference between to, two, and too.

    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastSportz View Post
    Wade is an outstanding player, but Durant is at another level with the ability to carry a team. Wade is a second option...a Robin type player while another guy will have to be the Batman like Shaq and Lebron.
    Shaq wasn't Batman in 06.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    Shoot I'd even put up Glen Rice and Mitch Richmond in their prime at or slightly better than James. Even Glenn Robinson who is a forgotten beast.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMeOrHateMe View Post
    Kobe GOAT LOL
    ^Finally got one.

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