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View Poll Results: Will Jamarcus Russell win 2013 Comeback Player of the Year?

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    15 31.25%
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    33 68.75%
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    Jan 2011
    He would be a great DT. His has the weight and arm strength

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    Feb 2010
    Coral Springs, FL
    he probably wouldnt be a bad second or third string qb with good coaching but his name brings too much to the table to bother with it

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    Jan 2012
    As much as it pains me to say it, if he could get down to half the size of a small car he could possibly be a 3rd string QB for the Panthers. He's obviously no Cam Newton, but he's got good size (minus being overweight).

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    Jul 2008
    Napa, CA
    So its true he is coming back as Vince Wilfork?
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    subroc Guest
    Assuming he starts to show some promise during his comeback training and he has some kind of film he or the media puts out there, based on history, which teams are most likely to bring him in for a look" Teams that deal with this type of guy, second chances, third chances, turn-around stories, who would bring him in? The Patriots? The Bengals? The Cowboys?

    He was never an effective starter, would he take a back-up role?

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by bigmac8675 View Post
    So its true he is coming back as Vince Wilfork?
    Vince Wilfork died 2 years ago and JaMarcus has been wearing his jersey and playing for the Patriots since
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    Apr 2010
    Milford,CT ..never move here lol
    Wish him gl but all he's ever had was an arm .

    Chad Pennington , a leader , hard worker , smart , developed , coachable , maintained good health as far as he could control (I know injuries happened).

    Russel - let himself go and his mind really perceives losing 12 pounds as a legit improvement .. He should t be happy about 12 but saying i got 12 lbs off and X amount to go , mentally felling better , been studying films to learn to read D better , practicing throwing this whole time (white lie bc u have to) nd my arms just as strong but also way more accurate and I am getting better at anticipation on routes or where to put the ball , ect ect...

    The guys doing a money grab to me , what I mean is he's screaming Sign me please please and really means I need money/want more money. Ect ect and doesn't care if he starts.

    Well see. But he could be the first QB to switch to oline/Dline and play both in the NFL but not in college lol and be successful at oline/Dline ,

    Also sorry but I find it a little racist when ppl say Dline .. He's a QB he knows or should know how both positions work. But why assume Dline? Maybe he's better at guard .. Sorry to make this a little gloomy.

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    Jan 2013
    I was watching NFL Live when Trey Wingo said he was using the drug purple drank LOL Funny as hell

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