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    It will really just be a blame game. The coaches are stuck with whatever groceries Jerry brings in and seeing as these coaches have to walk on eggshells in terms of voicing their opinion, whatever happens on the field whether it's the coaches fault or not (the talent they are given) will always be pinned on the coaches.
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    Thank you jj

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketfuel View Post
    Even if you have a hard time believing it, it doesn't change the facts. The whole point of bringing in Callahan last year was supposedly so he can help out. It just sounds like Jerry making noise about an area that really hasn't changed much. Garrett and Callahan are still the ones involved in designing the plays, so who cares who calls it.

    Callahan only assisted in designing run plays. Hard to fault him for a poorly performing run game, when Garrett has been doing the same draw play for the last six years every other set of downs, having his starting back out injured, and a terrible OL that got no push. I said I highly doubt that Callahan had much input into the game plan, designing plays, adjusting to defenses, etc., but really it is a fact that he didn't, aside from designing some run plays.

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    Every time I read the thread title, I read it like this:

    Jason Garrett will no longer call plays - Cowboys fan REJOICE!!!

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