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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants #1 Fan View Post
    One of the few respected net fans in this forum. With that said I hate u lol
    We are supposed to hate each other. Tis the way of the new NY rivalry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Max.This View Post
    Brooklyn isn't smoking noone's *** besides the line at the medicare office
    Sig bet with FriedTofuz or whatever his name is (I'm on my phone so it's too tedious to go find his exact name) that if the Nets lose to the Raptors I will delete my account and if the Raptors lose he will delete his (lol Raptors fans are so cute).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrAv=MaGiCfReAk View Post
    7 boards and 2 blocks in 30 mins a game? You saying that's impressive ? Lmao

    Vucevic average: 11 points 11 rebs and 1 blocks in 30 mins a game = 1.78 mill in salary this year

    Lopez average: 18 points 7 rebs 2 blocks in 30 mins a game = 13.6 mill in salary this year

    Lol #DoMeHomer
    I have to assume that even you realize that this is an absurd comparison. Considerably better scoring, over twice as many blocks, and very close in offensive rebounds. If you're going to start comparing rookie contracts to a productive player's re-up you can find similar comparisons for anyone.

    A skilled offensive center is a very nice piece to have, and Brook does not exactly s--- in other aspects of the game. Best and rankings are foolish, but on balance Brook has to be considered among the best. I just don't see that, this year anyway, there is a legitimate all-around case to argue different. You can argue Rick Mahorn--oops, Dwight--is hurting, but he's certainly not helping his team, so this year counts like the two years everybody judges Brook on count. The guy is good, and deserves more than back-handed compliments.

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    Why on earth would Minny help the Lakers? I'm tired of LA handpicking who they want. They wanted Dwight and they got him. Deal with it.

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    OP should be banned for posting such nonsensical ********

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