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    If the ownership assumes the risk and puts up the money to start their own network does this problem go away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mOrphosis View Post
    MLB can suck it 280 million ways now for sticking us with Frank McCourt.

    The only thing that I do not like from the deal, or any sports TV deal, is that it will limit access in other ways in the long term. I am on the Apple TV (ala carte wagon) in regards for paying only for what I want to watch. By the Lakers and Dodgers signing long term with cable TV companies, it prevents that ability to see my teams without also having to pay for the man-hating Lifetime Network, FOX News propaganda, or the local access basketweaving with a $115 Time Warner cable/internet bill every month.

    If I could pay less than half that every month and get the Dodgers and Lakers in HD, whenever/wherever via my Apple TV at home, my computer/iPhone...I would much rather do that...BUT MLB blackouts and broadcast deals like this will force all of us to pay for things we really do not want. I am willing to pay for watching my teams...but I don't want to pay for other people to broadcast their crap.

    Quote Originally Posted by D Blue987 View Post
    MLB can suck a fat one. We have been in the ******* financially for years before Guggenheim came in. Now that we have money all of a sudden we are hated. **** the rest of baseball for hating on us now that we are the big dogs on the block with our fat wallets in ownership.
    exactly its like they want us to be mediocre **** them
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    PWEEEG The Gawwd

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    nice great news

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    So, in short, MLB wants the Dodgers to share more revenue for the new deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedawgalex View Post
    Major League Baseball isn't happy with the Dodgers' reported new TV deal, writes Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Nightengale reports that the previous fair-market value for a new deal called for an $84MM annual value. The Dodgers agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable earlier today that would provide the team with roughly $280MM annually. That number has created significant revenue-sharing concerns among MLB officials.

    Tough Cookies.

    If the other MLB owners are unhappy then SUE the multi billion $ ownership group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodgerbluemmm24 View Post
    So, in short, MLB wants the Dodgers to share more revenue for the new deal?
    Not even really that, MLB wants the Dodgers to share the normal league-wide percentage, but due to that deal that McCrook made in bankruptcy court, the amount they should have to contribute is substantially lower than the normal percentage.
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    pretty good news. no more drama.

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