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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmath View Post
    How's he going to get over there? by boat?

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    im going to post the same thing I allways post, why does anyone give a **** about this guy, he is a nobody

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceCarter View Post
    Whoa, don't put words in his mouth. He didn't say anything about being cured. He just said he could fly. I'm sure he truely felt this thinking about the opportunity of playing in the NBA and putting his fear to the side. But when the time comes your disorder gets the best of you and you find yourself losing to it. I had a period of about a half year where I experienced anxiety and panic attacks and let me tell you, you may think you can do something (especially if it sounds like fun/good time) but when it comes time to do it your anxiety kicks into overdrive and crushes you.

    It may not of been the smartest move to say you could fly without 100% knowing you would be able to but I can COMPLETELY understand where he was coming from!
    He didn't have any problem showing for the Summer Leagues. Why did it suddenly become this big a deal when it was time to play.

    Houston took a flier on this kid, and in return all they got is a wasted first round pick. Which is a huge asset.

    He thinks he gonna change things for people with similar problems, but infact after this he's gonna make it nearly impossible for people suffering from any kind of issues to get any kind of chance in the league.

    I don't blame him for not being able to fly and make it to games, but he shouldn't have mislead the Houston Rockets.

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    SO tired of hearing about this doucher... He'll never play in the NBA... Not hard to figure out.

    He wasn't even going to be that good anyway...

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    what a clown. If you're scared, then get help and stop wasting peoples time.
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    I cant stand this attention whore honestly. cant wait for him to be out of the league and a nobody. Harsh but really the way I feel.

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    Unfortunately white is going to have to realize that he's the only NBA talented player in the world with this illness. This protocol he's asking for, is almost impossible to implement just for one guy. It won't happen.

    I feel bad for that guy, forget the NBA, imagine living your life everyday like this.

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