In all seriousness, as lucky as I am to have been a Yankee fan during these past 20-30 years of success, some of these off-season moves make me feel sorry for fans of teams like the Indians, Padres, & prior to this year, the Pirates. These types of players we are now signing are the kind of signings those fans have been having every year. Ouch...now I know how they feel and I don't like it!!!

You hit it right on the nose! These are the kind of moves I expect from another NY team but not this one. The only difference between the Yankees and these other teams is we at least have a good core of players to still make us a good team, maybe not a great team but at least a good team.

We lost a lot of power this off season so I hope the Yankees are ready to change their offensive strategy and add more base stealing and bunting. At this point, we're probably better off trying to find another speedy player since there really isn't much of a power hitter available.