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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLKoos16 View Post
    I predict the Braves and the Falcons will both win a championship in the next three years. If the Falcons could get a consistent RB bigger than Quizz, and also get one more good DB they are set. The Braves need one player whether it be an outfielder or 3rd baseman to be a complete team.
    And hope Gonzalez comes back for one more year...

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    Falcons need a dangerous pass rusher and a DB on the other side of Samuel. RB would be nice but Quizz looks pretty good, just may need more time. TGoz needs to return as well.

    Braves need a 3rd baseman if we dont get Upton and move Prado. I still say we shoudlve pursued Haren harder since our rotation really isnt all that strong after Medlen and Hudson (until Beachy returns in the summer).

    If they can knock fill those holes then its entirely possible both the Falcons and Braves could win a title in those 3 years. I see the Falcons being the most likely though

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    I think our chances in baseball AND football are going to be MUCH MUCH better now. I am super happy as a Falcons and Braves fan now.
    1991 Lost WS to Twins 4-3
    1992 Lost WS to Blue Jays 4-2
    1993 Lost NLCS to Phillies 4-2
    1996 Lost WS to Yankees 4-2 (led 2-0)
    1997 Lost NLCS to Marlins 4-2
    1998 Lost NLCS to Padres 4-2
    1999 Lost WS 4-0 to Yankees
    2000 Lost NLDS 3-0 to Cardinals
    2001 Lost NLCS to Diamondbacks 4-1
    2002 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Giants
    2003 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Cubs
    2004 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Astros
    2005 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Astros
    2010 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Giants
    2012 Lost NLWC 1-0 to Cardinals
    2013 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Dodgers

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