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    Welker's contribution is beyond what he gets credit for. Slots take alot of hits, and the Pats slot arguably takes more hits than any other team in the league. I can't believe some of the hits Welker gets up from. I mention this because what other reciever does anyone think is going to do better at his position? Who is going to drop less traffic balls in the middle with MLB's waiting?


    1st in yards after the catch
    2nd in reception 4 behind Calvin Johnson
    6th in 1st downs
    8th in yards
    only 2 fumbles in the toughest yards of any receiver

    It seems like the WR's that come in can't figure out the system. Lloyd has struggeled more than I was expecting. Brady counts on Welker when its on. I don't see anyone coming in and putting numbers up close to his and taking the punishment. I thought Edelman was heading to that spot but can he handle it. The offense the way it is set up now needs Welker.
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