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    Financial woes hurt Matheny, but also brought him back to Cardinals

    ST. LOUIS • Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was a four-time Gold-Glove catcher over 13 years in the big leagues. But a decade ago, he didn’t figure his future was in baseball.

    He was banking on real estate.

    One series of failed investments has now ended that dream. Nine days ago, a judge ruled against Matheny on the project, placing the responsibility for more than $4 million in debt on him and his wife. Interest and court costs could drive the price even higher.

    But the saga that could ruin Matheny financially is the same one that brought him back to the Cardinals, and a new career in baseball.

    He wouldn’t be a manager now, he told the Post-Dispatch Friday, if he hadn’t lost it all on three lots in the Chesterfield Valley.

    Interesting look at Matheny. I think he's a good manager, even if it wasn't his first career choice.
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    Wow that is interesting. Not as bad as Curt Schilling though. Glad mikes back for sure though.

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    Yeah, I read this the other day. Kind of feel bad for the guy. He made his own bed though. You can't invest so much that it could potentially harm you, and he over-extended himself.

    He'll be fine though.

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