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Allen and Patterson will go in the 1st. Wheaton, Hopkins, Austin will go in the 2nd, Hunter and Bailey will go in the 3rd.
No way Hunter goes in the 3rd. when he hits the combine healthier he will be a 1st round lock since its the only thing stopping him from being the top WR taken. Hopkins/Wheaton/Austin are fringe 1sts early 2nd and quite a few teams i could see taking them in the 1st. the more of Hopkins i watch the harder it is for me to not put him above Hunter as the best WR of the class. Allen is a possession receiver and if you cant get deep you shouldnt be the 1st WR taken. Patterson does nothing for me whatsover. i think he should be a 3rd rounder based on what he has shown so far. Wheaton is my sleeper. someone is going to get a steal with him. this is the order i feel the WR's should go off the board. Hunter, Hopkins, Wheaton, Allen, Austin. Hunter is supposedly somewhat of a diva so that might make him slip.