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    Patriots Future Outlook

    Obviously a tough loss no doubt, but I see people talking like this is our last chance. Why?

    The AFC isn't getting any harder. It's early, but can you really not see this team being at the top in a year?

    The Dolphins/Jets/Bills are far and far away from being a contender.

    The Ravens will be **** with Ray gone, Flacco's going to take up a lot of cap so bye bye to Krueger, Ellerbe and other key players. Dalton isn't leading Cinncy anywhere. LOL browns. Steelers you never know, but they have a lot to fill.

    Titans and Jags will suck. Colts will be scary for the next decade, but I don't see them as a super bowl contender for a couple more years. Texans will probably be better and one of the top threats.

    The west is trash except for the broncos.

    Texans, Broncos and MAYBE the steelers are the only other teams with a snowball chance of being relevant next year in the AFC. This team will still be the favorite coming out of the AFC in Vegas preseason. The personnel has made big strides the past few years. Our running game can only get better from this point on. Brady didn't look like Brady tonight but we still haven't lost a playoff game with our TE set playing together. The O-line will hopefully be upgraded along with some size in the secondary and some speed at receiver.

    There will be no better feeling then seeing the Pats win a super bowl in the JETS AND GIANTS own building. Super Bowl 48 is coming back home!

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    Nope... Sorry but no cheaters allowed... If you are caught cheating you shouldnt be next to guys that have done nothing wrong... Lets put a cheater like brady next to some of the best QBs ever like Young and Montana

    He has cheated several times and now lies about it and looks like a scumbag pos
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    Personally, I don't think it was their last chance at all. We have a lot of good, young talent. What we are running out of time for is Brady and Belichick getting that fourth. I am a Pats fan first and foremost, but it wouldnt be quite the same if our next SB isnt with Brady and Belichick. That 4th title would put them each on an unmatched level of accomplishment. So while the Patriots as a whole have a bright future, its Brady and Belichick that may be low on time. That said, there is a lot to be confident for next year.

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    Pats are elite for another 3 years in my opinion.
    The name is Amendola....

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    The oldest starter on defense this past season was 30 years old and that was Wilfork. The defense got better this season and it should get better for the next few years. Add in the fact that Tom ****ing Brady is playing QB this team is going to be back next season.


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