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    Quote Originally Posted by B'sCeltsPatsSox View Post
    Okay then.
    I don't know if that is a threat. I'm sure some of the players wouldn't mind being traded

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    I wonder who Doc means with threatening a trade? Last night, he barely played Bass. Terry barely got any shot attempts, and Barbosa barely got into the game until late. He can't fault players when he uses piss poor rotations and doesn't give them a chance. I have no idea what he was doing with lineups last night, but it looked atrocious for a regular season game against a lowly opponent.

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    Originally from MA
    This was Doc's last attempt at trying to get this current group to get on the same page. There's a little over 4 weeks left until the trade deadline and if there isn't a vast improvement in quality of play from some of these guys, then this team will be looking very different come February 22.

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    Doc can threaten trades all he wants but he does not control that stuff....Ainge does. Having said that i think Doc was just upset and referring to the rotation and players getting playing time.

    I have been saying this for a while now. Pierce to the bench.
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