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    Quote Originally Posted by DaSox_05 View Post
    1yr 2.8 Million w/a 1yr option. per 670 the score
    Its $2.3 mil with a 500k buyout or $4 mil option. This is a fantastic deal to replace Myers. I definitely thought it was going to be a base salary over $3 mil so I'm more happy with it now that I know the financial terms.

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    I honestly think he will be closing a majority of games. I've kind of soured on Reed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Impaler View Post
    Some posters like yourself don't understand how a single is better then a home run,

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    I get what you are saying JD, but you have to give Reed a chance this year in his second year. He could make that jump and become a great young reliever. The main thing he needs to do is get his hits per 9 down to the 7-7.5 range, while getting his K's up just a little bit to the 10-11 range. He has the raw stuff to do it now just need to see it get done.

    But the great thing is, KW and Hahn have compiled a great group of relievers.

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