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Well, I can express my thoughts for some of you who clearly did not watch that series.

For one, during the whole series, the Kings shot 204 FTs and the Lakers shot 185 FTs.

In the controversial game 6, the Lakers shot 15 more FTs than the Kings did for the whole game. What is often mentioned by people who did actually watch the whole series is that game 6 was the reversal of game 5, which the Kings got the beneficial calls that sealed the win for them.

Also, to point out, the largest FT discrepancy came in game 3, where the Kings shot 20 more FTs than the Lakers did. In game 2, the Kings shot 13 more FTs than the Lakers did.

Up until game 6, it was believed by many players that the Kings were getting lots of help. Mobley mentioned this on the Best Damn Sports Show between games 5 and 6.

In the end, the Kings had a 10+ FT advantage in 3 of the 7 games. The Lakers only had 1 game where they shot more than a double digit against the Kings. Kind of odd when one team has a near prime Shaq and a prime Kobe, no?

Watch the whole series and then let's talk. Until then, it's useless to debate.