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How many hitters on this team are:

1. coming off injury riddled seasons
2. poor seasons based on recent history

A very large amount is the answer.

Napoli has 7 years as a pro, with 2 great seasons, 1 good, and 4 meh/poor. Which one are we going to get?

Aviles is about even to Drew as on offensive player the last two years. Iglesias is liable to be the same inept offensive "force" that he was last year. Drew in his last 2 years had an OPS+ of 93, 79. Drew has played 86 and 79 games those two years due to injury. Aviles had an OPS+ of 89 and 76. But he managed 91 and 136 games played.

Seriously given the average luck, health, and decline issues. I'd say 5th in runs would be a fine outcome.
All good points^