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    Would love to see him play 1b for the Jays.
    He was a great hitter.

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    One of the best hitters of this generation. Too bad he had his best years in the shadow of the home run chase. His 2000 season is one of the best seasons for a hitter ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tp13baby View Post
    I hope he gets traded to a contender cause I don't see the Rockies doing well with the pitching staff. Im sure we will be in the top 5 in batting average and runs but last in pitching. I don't think he will get the recognition Chipper did because Atlanta is publicized more due to them being in a bigger market, having more success as a team and player. But I hope so. Todd Helton is a ton more reserved than Chipper too. A guy that leads by example, without showing much emotion.
    The Rockies were lucky to make the WS in 2007 when they frankly got demolished. I'm not trying to start anything here, but I don't see the Rockies ever winning the World Series with Coors as their home park. That park kills pitchers, and while that goes for both teams when they play there, it definitely destroys the confidence of Colorado pitchers. If I were them I would find a new place to play (keeping the Colorado name is important too because their fans don't deserve to lose their team).

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    One of my favortie hitters in the game! & oh yeah Manning was his backup back in the Days with the vols

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