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    All I saw was bad, super slow pasing. By the time it hit the open man he was covered. Man they have to work on passing the ball! They came out laying an egg. Smart should have pulled all of em' early, i mean after 2 mins. I had already seen enough. I also thought Jimmer should have been inserted WAY earlier. But his d' was terrible. The Kings were helping too much, they gave them gifts at the basket time after time. The team just looked lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZebraCity916 View Post
    Can we stop talking about the 36-point comeback against Chicago??

    That was over 3 years ago. Different coach, different team. I feel like our franchise lives in the past. Can we please focus on the now?!?!
    it's so hard not to though....with the crap we put up with every night from this year's team

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