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    Fangraphs: The Cardinals Like ‘Em Old

    Allen Craig is a bit of a beast. Reading through last year’s list of accomplishments can be dizzying. Craig is also turning 29, and he only has one full season under his belt.

    The reasons it took him so long to get here are specific: He got injured some, a legendary player blocked him at first base and his glove didn’t allow him to play where his team needed him. But there is a chance that he’s so very, well, Cardinal. Look around his team and you can see it. Matt Carpenter debuted in his age 25 season. David Freese (26), Adron Chambers (24), Shane Robinson (25) and Jon Jay (25) were all “older” debuts. Once again, there are specific reasons for each of these, and there’s also a chance this is part of the Cardinal Way.
    Long article. I won't post the whole thing. Here's the link
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    A lot of it is that these guys are later draft picks. Basically all of them went to college, and we have been drafting a lot of low ceiling guys in the later rounds lately, but guys that are likely to one day reach the bigs.

    And our focus has been on development, not drafting, which is a big plus.

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    I just wanted to share this link somewhere

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