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    Eddie Jordan year pt. 2

    Does this season feel like a repeat of the eddie jordan season?

    I feel like the writing is all over the wall.

    Wouldnt it be nice if we nabbed a top 2 pick and kept bynum? Lol.

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    This season is worse and better in a way, if that makes sense. It's worse because the expectations were much higher this year than before. I cared a lot less about sucking during the EJ year. The season is better though, because despite the poor play, we still have a pretty visible look ahead to the future, a future that could bring good things. We have a young superstar player as our ace in the hole (he's a huge question mark, but at least he's a potential solution that could be had). In the EJ year, there was nothing to look forward to from the players that were on the roster at the time. We still have a lot to look forward to from Jrue, Bynum potentially, etc.

    As for the draft. I really don't put much into it. You never know (unless you REALLY know - a la Lebron) who's going to meet expectations and who's not. I believe that this draft is supposed to be insanely weak, so I'm not too excited at the prospects of getting a lower draft pick regardless. If we get lucky in the lottery and end up with a top 3 pick, more power to us, but I'm not concerned with that at all right now.

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    The win loss total is almost exactly the same as it was during the eddie jordan year I think the difference is 4 games.

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    It doesn't quite feel like the Eddie Jordan season yet. At one point, i stopped watching the games almost altogether that season....out of disgust. At this point in the season, I'm still watching at least half of the games. Part of the reason I don't watch every single game now like I was earlier in the's not just that they are losing, it's how. This team is playing below it's capabilities. I can't believe that doubt hasn't crept into some of the players' minds.

    I'm not suprised the Sixers have been losing, considering earlier in the season when they were winning I could see then that it was likely an unsustainable mirage....because they were doing a lot of ****** things on the court while relying on some unconscious outside shooting against bad teams. But going down by 15 or so points so often like they have lately....that's unforgiveable. Collins' performance is clearly better as a coach than Eddie Jordan was that year. But he has a better roster than that season's Sixers, so he better rack up a few more wins during this homestand. Collins has been too slow to make the necessary adjustments this season to fix what has not been working.
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