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    Quote Originally Posted by homestarunner93 View Post
    Hopefully our political spectrum is never, ever like Europe's. I'm not sure why emulating Europe is a good thing.
    Depends on where in Europe we're talking about. People who glorify it want the workers benefits that you see in France or some Scandanavian nations. The healthcare, the retirement programs, etc. Problem is everytime our gov't tries to do the same they find a way to ruin it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Curtain View Post
    It's no secret why conservatism is losing respect, nut jobs like this are ruining a once proud philosophy. These people need to STFU plain and simple. This is why this country is taking a turn to the left.
    It goes both ways. This country used to be right center, the greatest generation is passing. But there are nutjobs and both ends of the spectrum this is not monopolized by the GOP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmsterNat View Post
    I am not touting a multi-party system because I expect it to shift the spectrum more towards the center, though it might. I have not mentioned anything about shifting the spectrum at all, so telling me that something I never said makes no sense - makes no sense. I am touting a multi-party system because it is infinitely more democratic and representative than the US two party one. It really is very simple and just basic common sense.

    I agree, PR makes no sense under the current US system. But, PR also achieves a much fairer representation of the wishes of voters, at least there where voters have a choice.

    I have never claimed that gerrymandering 'only' benefits Reps. Don't presume what I may have 'conditioned myself' to think. I'll give you some indisputable facts, though - facts that the Reps either feign ignorance about, or simply ignore when making the specious claim that you have made here.

    The facts are that gerrymandering benefits Reps FAR MORE than Dems. It is a fact that this vile practice has enabled the Reps to thwart democratic election results and produce an unjustified and undeserved Rep majority in the House on a minority of the popular vote! Here are some more facts for you.

    So yeah, gerrymandering benefits both sides.

    And for sure, the thoroughly rotten and corrupt US electoral system must be preferable to one of those suspicious foreign inventions, a multi-party system with PR, where the big money that subverts and perverts all of US politics has been removed from the electoral equation.
    I agree with you that a multi-party system makes sense. I would love to see it. I don't think I will any time soon, but it would be great.

    I don't think PR gives voters a better representation of their wishes. Maybe people who lack any original thought and are only interested in towing a party line. I would rather vote for individuals instead of parties.

    If the Democrats dislike what the Republicans are doing in the states where they dominate the state legislatures -- here's a suggestion -- go out, strengthen your state parties, and win those states. Since when are the national parties the only two branches of these parties that matter? Poor state organization is going to hurt you in the end. Better organize your state parties, and maybe they can be competitive in these states.

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    ^ that isnt a fair description of what has happened. Rs (cleverly) targeted positions to back financially, appealte Judges(so laws cant get over turned) comptrollers,and other Beaurocratic offices that determine congressional districts and voting rules.

    Its a pretty dishonest approach to gaming the system,then they have a clear path to pass any and everything they please dispite a large constituency that demands some kind of dialogue.

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