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    Bruins Practices

    I work up in Wilmington, not too far from Ristuccia Arena, and I was thinking about sneaking out for a bit to check out a practice this week. The schedule says they start at 10am, but does anyone have a better idea of when they hit the ice and how long they are out there? Or when would be the best time to see the most action. Ideally, I would just bring my lunch over around noon and see some good, fast paced, drill work.

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    They're probably done by 12:00, and that's a stretch. They usually skate some laps at like 9:45-9:50 then break into drills shortly after 10 and practice around an hour to 2 hours. If you get there at 12, you'll probably just see guy were on stuff they think they need to work on post-practice.

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