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Thread: Korver <3 Bulls

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    Not people, seemingly just Touro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopsyTurvy View Post
    Not knocking the application or terminology, but a small sample can be either applied to a hypothesis or discarded. That said, they rarely should be ignored.

    There is value in looking at Korver's specific playoff performances, just certainly not as it applies to what akagiredsuns suggested. In this case, there are very real reasons Korver failed to perform in his last post-season that don't require any numerical analysis to discover.

    I have taken 5 classes through my undergrad and current grad work on sampling. It's perhaps the most difficult mathematical science to master.
    I agree that SSS should be applied to a hypothesis, and I agree very much that they have value at times. It very much depends on what about you're discussing though. As well as context and many other things. Further, I was basically referring to what you said, proper use is in no way related to the way the poster applied it.

    And yes, sampling is ridiculously difficult to master. It's got a lot going on. But I feel like most of the time in sports SSS, especially MR. SSS's, are not particularly useful. They have their place, but I don't feel that sports is one of them.

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    I miss KK. He burned the C's and come back from 27 points to win the game.

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