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    Quote Originally Posted by torocan View Post
    The entire team has been having FT issues for the last week or so, and actually shot better than previous games. It happens when you're on your 3rd back to back coming off a 4 in 5 on the road in the same month.

    And Lin had only 1 TO after the 1st quarter... a pass dead into the chest and into the hands of his man. The only thing up for debate is whether the pass was too hard or not, but it was dead on target.

    Harden was completely off missing jumpers and even uncontested lay ups.

    Cute argument though.
    Reported for ignorance of its holy greatness that is great MJ.
    "Its never gonna be the same....."


    DMF's insight in regards to advance stats.
    Quote Originally Posted by DoMeFavors View Post
    Who pays attention to all of that? Those stats mean nothing. They are made up by someone.
    Quote Originally Posted by DoMeFavors View Post
    if bulls win the series ill leave this site forever
    Bulls won the series.

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    The must be true

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    Mavs keeping James on a 20 year - 20$ contract. smh That's 40 championships right there.

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    OT loss for MJ..tough 4-1..

    “I just made the wrong decision,” said Mike James, who got the crunch-time minutes over Darren Collison and missed the woulda-been go-ahead shot. “I had a big on me and I have to understand the situation. I have to attack, and I didn’t. I had hit a few shots, so I felt like it was a good shot, but it’s only a good shot if you make it. I didn’t make the right play.”

    he has spoken

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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBaByyy View Post

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